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Xtabentún: Ancient mayan beverage.

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Xtabentún: Ancient mayan beverage

For centuries, Tulum has been part of the greatest referents of the ancient mayan culture in Mexico, and one of its best examples, is the artisan elaboration of “Xtabentún” that takes place in the city.

Xtabentún is an ancient liquor prepared all across the Mayan Riviera. It is extracted from honey, and has qualities that make it similar to anisette.

The name translates to “vines that grow on the rocks” and it has its origins in Balché, another ancient beverage, created from legumes of the same name. Xtabentún is considered a variant of this drink.

Xtabentún has a strong, tasty and sweet flavor, and is best served cold, as a digestive to accompany coffee or dessert.

Now you know it. Next you’re on vacation in the Mayan Riviera, adventure yourself, and try some of the local offer, enjoy their hometown drinks, learn about the culture, and have an unforgettable experience.