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What The Perfect Day at Tulum Would Be Like.

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What The Perfect Day at Tulum Would Be Like

So you just arrived to the Riviera Maya, or perhaps you’ve been here for some time now. You wake up to the sounds of nature, to the breeze of the Caribbean Sea and the scent of a brand new day that awaits.

Yes, you are in Tulum and the day is about to unfold for you. What would you do to turn this into a perfect one?

Here’s a rough sketch for you.

Clear the mind and find balance within

After filling your lungs with the purest of airs, you head outside to a terrace overlooking the sea and start your day with a yoga routine. This will lift your spirit and set the tone for a day surrounded by nature and the healing vibe that can only be found at this fascinating corner of the world.


Enjoy a healthy jungle-breakfast

Once you’ve reached a state of equilibrium with the soul of the Earth, you can take in the flavor of the jungle and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy breakfast that will give you enough energy to continue throughout the day. Tulum is known for its variety of restaurants and small establishments where you can enjoy different types of meals. You can ride a bike to the town where you will find a myriad breakfast options prepared with organic produce.

Get a shot of vitamin D and Caribbean blue

Now you are ready to bask in the sun and get all the energy you can. There are different options depending on your preferences. You can either enjoy a day of sunbathing, watersports like paddle board or scuba diving, or simply enjoy a calm walk on Tulum’s white sanded beaches. Either way, the view of turquoise blue with a lush jungle backdrop will be simply unbeatable.

Wake up your senses

As the sun goes down, you can head to one of its restaurants to delight your senses with a delicious dinner. A great option is BAK’ by Harry’s, a relatively new restaurant where you can enjoy a high quality, immersive dining experience unlike any other. This place boasts a captivating setting inspired by nature and one of the most impressive menus available locally. If you are there at the right time of the evening, you may even enjoy one of its happenings, where you will be surrounded by a dream-like atmosphere and savor your meal while you witness a performance inspired by the Mayan cosmogony.

Connect with the spirit of the night

And to close on a high note, why not go to the rooftop where you will find the perfect spot to become one with the night: HMoonlight.

At HMoonligt your soul will run wild and your body will merge with the sounds and the lights of just the perfect evening. Here you will dance your heart out while vibrating to the beats of the best DJs, surrounded by the trendiest atmosphere in town.