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/Nightlife /THE BEST DEEP HOUSE DJ’s – TOP 5


1- Lane 8 

A man of his own creation. Since releasing his debut album “Rise”, back in 2015, Lane 8 has done nothing but climb the staircase of success. Creating his own label “This never happened”, and touring all around the world with the “This never happened tour” (where attendees are prohibited to record or photograph any part of the show, encouraging the crowd to be present), Daniel Goldstein (Real name) has certainly made his way through the music industry with creativity and originality. 

2- Nic Fanciulli 

Pure musical talent. One of UK’s top EDM exports, Fanciulli has become one of the most relevant names in the music industry. Being a Grammy-nominated producer, owning one of the most important music labels in the industry, and still be able to perform at the most exclusive venues, must be no easy task. However, Nic seems to be just accustomed to that already. 

This year, Nic Fanciulli played one of his finest sets in H Moonlight’s booth.   

3- Larry Heard 

A pioneer. The constructor of the bridge that brought the futuristic and post-human tendencies of house, and the lush, soulful sound of disco together. A Chicago, jazz raised musician, that has recorded under various names, and managed to make each of those names relevant. Certainly, we come short by saying that the genre wouldn’t be the same without Larry Heard’s influence, as it, probably, wouldn’t even exist as we know it. 

4- Peggy Gou 

The face of the future. When we look at Peggy Gou’s resume, the most experienced DJ’s come to mind. At 28 years of age, Korean born Kim Min-Ji, has already performed in the most important venues, such as Coachella and Glastonbury, established her own independent record label, graduated from the London College of Fashion as a talented fashion designer, and even appeared on videogames. 

EXCITED is how we feel about what Peggy Gou might bring for the music industry. 

5- Skream 

The rookie that became a star. Skream has been around for longer than it seems. Starting to produce music at only 15 years old, Oliver Dene Jones quickly became a relevant musician and producer in the London EDM scene. He released his first full-length album in 2006, becoming a pioneer of dubstep, and establishing the genre.