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Mezcal: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with It?.

/Drinks /Mezcal: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with It?

Mezcal: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with It?

As you may have noticed, mezcal, this delicious, smoky flavored Mexican spirit, has recently become the undisputed booze of choice for the wellness-obsessed. So, what’s all the buzz about?

If you are not mezcal-obssesed yet, believe me, you will be after reading this.

That smoky flavor everyone loves comes from the agave plant and it is deeply connected to the earth.

It’s smooth, pure agave flavor has conquered the heart of most partygoers as well as connoisseurs worldwide and although its fame has blown up in recent years, it’s been in Mexico for centuries.

According to legend, mezcal was discovered after a lightning bolt struck an agave plant somewhere in Oaxaca long ago, and by doing so, it’s core—what is known as the “piña”, was instantly split opened revealing the heart of the plant from where an elixir we now know as mezcal started to pour out.

But despite its current fame and popularity it has managed to remain exclusive and its exclusivity resides in the fact that for a very long time this heavenly/earthly distillate was produced in very small batches by local families in Oaxaca, remaining unspoiled by industrialization and mass production.

Some people even regard it magical properties, as you can usually experience some kind of mind-opening feeling and clarity while drinking it, as opposed to any other spirit.

Plus, it is the one alcohol that gives less hangover. The reason for this is that mezcal contains fewer additives and sugar than other alcohols.

Good mezcals are usually entirely organic, which turns them into a healthy option for a wild but wellness-aware night out.

One study from the University of Florida revealed that one glass of mezcal a day can help you reduce cholesterol, burn fat and fortify your bones.

It is best to drink it straight, without mixing it to enjoy the pureness of its flavor and for its properties to remain strong. However, some mixologists have found interesting ways of delivering fascinating and creative mixes that boast the flavor of mezcal in their cocktails.

Here are some of mezcal’s benefits for your body:


Since it is a well-known natural fat burner, it also helps reduce bad cholesterol—when drank moderately of course.


One glass of mezcal before going to bed is a great way to relax your body and mind and help you get a good night sleep.


As it promotes the good functioning of your digestive system.


It helps your body absorb calcium which assists in bone wellness.


If you are in Tulum, remember you can enjoy the finest mezcal brands and and trendiest mezcal mixes at HMoonlight.

And once you have your hands on your favorite mezcal and the magic of the night shines upon you, repeat this local saying after me: “para todo mal, mezcal… y para todo bien, también.”