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Just wine.

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just wine

Just wine

In these uncertain times, one of the things that we miss the most is spending quality time in a different context with friends and family. Sharing drinks and a pleasant talk always comes good to our soul. 

Aware of this, GRUPO ANDERSON’S decided to launch HABLEMOS DE VINO; their new initiative for wine enthusiasts.

HABLEMOS DE VINO, which translates to “let’s talk about wine”, is a digital conversation, guided by sommelier Roberto Fuentes. It will take place this Friday, May 15th, in GRUPO ANDERSON’S Zoom platform, and will discuss several issues about wine and its peculiarities. 

For a reasonable price, you assure your place in the conference, plus two of GRUPO ANDERSON’S most exclusive wine bottles, on which the conversation will be centered, and will be delivered to your door so you can enjoy the event and be a part of the conversation from the comfort of your house.

Schedules, prices, and more details are available at: 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

just wine