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/Happenings /CHANGE + CHANCE = HOPE
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Humanity is living times of deep changes and great transformation. It’s a gift from the Universe in order to reconnect and recognize ourselves. But, to do it with those who surround us, we must do it from the inside first.

    It is time to make a paradigm shift, leave old beliefs behind and walk to new ways of thinking, acting and feeling. It´s time to realize that HOPE becomes now our biggest strength.

This is a wonderful moment that leads each one of us to become the real heroes of our own story, and not only that, but to collaborate in the creation of a better society, more aware, empathic and unified. This is a process that takes time, but it certainly has begun. 

We are, perharps, in the hardest stage of this process; the point where the mountain is so steep and high, and the air is so cold, that the mountaineer is about to give up. But we are almost at the top. It takes one small extra effort to make a difference and define who we truly are. 

What lies ahead of us it’s up to you and me. We are a fundamental part in this evolving times. Thoughts, feelings, and actions must be in complete harmony and congruence. 

It is time for a new humanity to awake!