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  • As you may have noticed, mezcal, this delicious, smoky flavored Mexican spirit, has recently become the undisputed booze of choice for the wellness-obsessed. So, what’s all the buzz about?

  • So you just arrived to the Riviera Maya, or perhaps you’ve been here for some time now. You wake up to the sounds of nature, to the breeze of the Caribbean Sea and the scent of a brand new day

  • Have you ever wondered what social this social isolation means? We’ve been asked to a deep introspection in order to be able to recognize ourselves as complete begins.

  • Globalization has given us many things, from all over the world. The knowledge from thousands of years of human history lies in front of us. It only takes a few clicks to search throught websites, and and we can obtain

  • Humanity is living times of deep changes and great transformation. It’s a gift from the Universe in order to reconnect and recognize ourselves. But, to do it with those who surround us, we must do it from the inside first.

  • A man of his own creation. Since releasing his debut album “Rise”, back in 2015, Lane 8 has done nothing but climb the staircase of success

  • In these uncertain times, one of the things that we miss the most is spending quality time in a different context with friends and family. Sharing drinks and a pleasant talk always comes good to our soul.

  • For centuries, Tulum has been part of the greatest referents of the ancient mayan culture in Mexico, and one of its best examples, is the artisan elaboration of “Xtabentún” that takes place in the city.